Sunday, 14 August 2011

Unravelling eco fashion in Australia

The fashion world has long carried an association with ill-considered trade, environmental and labour abuse, and a lack of basic humanitarian responsibility. But Australia's growing awareness of ethical consumerism is supporting a dynamic burst in eco friendly designers who think green and create green.

During May's Australian RosemountFashion Week, event director Lucia Labbate said,

“The Australian fashion industry is well placed to make the most of the trend towards more ethical fashion. It boasts a diverse and vibrant scene of well-known brands that still have considerable manufacturing capacity here in Australia.”

With technological advances, eco-designers are transcending established fashion moulds that use non-sustainable materials and production processes.

Eight tips to support eco-friendly fashion and your wardrobe

  1. Harvest local.
  2. Support Fair Trade.
  3. Look for garments made of sustainable and organic fabrics (mainly cotton), environmentally friendly dyes, and recycled materials.
  4. Source labels that consider the environment, the health and working conditions of employees, and of their customers.
  5. Ask whether your designers donate to the Australian Conservation Foundation or other green organisations.
  6. Find ecostores that employ printers and manufactures who share the commitment to reducing the impact of fashion production on the environment.
  7. Take part in clothing exchanges.
  8. 'Renovate' used pieces.
  9. Buy vintage.

Make your wardrobe space environmentally friendly; use hangers made of recycled materials, natural insect repellents, and wash green. What remains is the challenge for Australian eco friendly designers to produce sustainable garments that replace cheaply made fashion. The next step towards this end is supporting eco designers who create with style and care. For fine Polli Jewellery, designed and made from recycled stainless steel in Sydney.

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