Sunday, 14 August 2011

To seek out Environmentally Friendly Presents

I love buying presents. Finding that perfect gift for someone you care for, something you know they will use and appreciate, something perhaps they’ve mentioned they’ve wanted is such a satisfying endeavor.

However, I will readily admit to having bought friends and family useless gifts in the past, without much thought or concern for the products themselves and by consequence the people they are being given to. Whether it was on a whim, in a rush, the night before Christmas, or simple thoughtlessness, there it is.
I would love for things to be different. Wouldn’t it be great to not only buy loved ones gifts they can use, but that also refrain from leaving a dent in the environment?
I have found an eco store where they stock a range of quality products at reasonable prices. For Aunty Nat, we have beautiful Bamboo Bath Towels in colours Aquarmarine and Pearl; for cousin Toby, a set of Lyra Ferby Short Colour Pencils is just what he needs to add to his art supplies.
What I’ve discovered, when giving these kinds of gifts to people you care for, is that they appreciate it so much more because of the thought you have put into looking for a gift which not only suits them, their interests and needs, but that is also conscious of being eco-friendly in nature. Think about the next gift you give, and the impact it will make on the recipient and our world.

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