Sunday, 14 August 2011

The benefits to environmentally friendly carpooling

Whether it’s the school pick up/ drop off, or the commute to work or university, carpooling has always been a cost effective and eco friendly way of transport. But the logistics in coordinating children at a variety of locations, or University timetables and work schedules can often put off the idea of carpooling for many drivers.

There are definitely incentives that have been offered to those who make the effort. In recent years Wollongong University has started to offer free parking to cars with three or more passengers. And this is indeed the case for many businesses.

There are internal and external factors, which make carpooling strategies successful for business employees and employers alike. 

The internal factors within a company may include the reimbursement of parking charges for carpoolers, support from senior management (where it is a company strategy in question), priority parking for carpoolers, effective promotion of the scheme and efficient management of the scheme in question, by a coordinator.

The external factors are the consequences of what is likely to occur without a carpooling system in place. These may include a lack of parking available, an increase in petrol price as well as the presence of High Occupancy Vehicle lanes.

All this being said, it is one thing for a business of any size to organize such a scheme. However, for the busy Mum or Dad who just wants to save a bit of time and money, as well as making steps towards sustainability, it might be as simple as jotting down a few phone numbers and drawing up a roster. A few minutes of organizing now can make a great deal of difference to environmental sustainability, cost and time efficiency!

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