Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ninjabread Cookie Cutters Review

Just bought the Ninjabread Cookie Cutters and I really love them! The Cookie Cutters are loads of fun for your kids as they get to cook their very own team of ninjas! Let them enjoy making their own cookies with the funny design from the Ninjabread Cookie Cutters, I am sure that your kids will love them. While using them, I experienced that it was very easy to use the Cookie Cutters, even the kids had no difficulties while making their favorite cookie! Made from rugged food-safe ABS plastic, it is not difficult to clean them; you just need to use some water and soap and they will look brand new again.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Deals Direct Online - Deal Aggregators

Well often today we see ourselves hopping online and looking for a bargain and deals direct to you. Today there are a million deals sites out there offering a myriad of deals every single day. From your Groupon style daily deals sites to your average online store with their daily deal offering. 
It can be hard to find the best deals so we now see the deal aggregators becoming more and more common and useful. A great site is http://www.allthedeals.com.au/ where you can find all the daily deals from all the big daily deals websites. Instead of receiving 1 million emails you will receive 1 with all the deals you like. Simple as that.
Finding more deals can be fun and I am always on the lookout. With Google you can type in what you’re looking for and go from there! But the question does rise, do we need all this stuff? And I am not sure that we do! Despite this as savvy customers we are more sensitive to price and always want a bargain. Whatever we buy, we love hitting that buy now button.

Monday, 6 February 2012


Everyday I go into my kitchen and whip something up for dinner and give little thought to the bits and pieces I am using - or my kitchenware. That was until I got myself some Scanpan cookware and realised what a massive difference it makes.

Some pots, pans and knives now adorn my kitchen with the marking Scanpan and cooking and cleaning is much easier now. I never thought spending a little bit more money than Woolworths kitchenware would be worth it but I am glad I did.

I feel a little bit more Masterchef now with my shiny cookware and love gonig home to create a taste sensation for dinner. So my advice is go out and get yourself some good cookware and see the difference.