Monday, 14 May 2012

Soviet-Inspired Homewares: Goods from Mother Russia

There's something Russian in the air because everywhere we look we're seeing Soviet Homewares...or more specifically, babushka-related fun. 

One Homeware in particular that's stolen our heart  is the Drink Up Babushka Carafe by Fred ( This hand-blown glass carafe holds 750mL and is the perfect little friend for your fridge. Click here for this and more of Todae's Homewares Online.

You'll even find Soviet chic on the runway with Alice McCall's latest Spring/Summer collection. It's all floral embroidery, braided hair and severe stares. Take a gander at some of the delights from her collection aptly titled 'Babooshka': click
Still not enough Ruski for you? How about some Soviet propaganda posters to liven your walls? A bit of gold on your ceilings and Furniture a la Tsarskoe Selo? 
For pre-Soviet palatial inspiration, Tsarskoe Selo in St Petersburg, Russia is your go-to. The Summer residence of the Romanov tsars, it is one of the most opulent imperial estates with 300 hectares of grand architecture, parks and ponds to see. If you've got a few (million) coins spare, get inspired!
Nosta rovia,

Monday, 7 May 2012

Tips for a Greener Home

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to make life a little greener ?  Was another to save money?  Well, the good news is that there are thousands of home eco-friendly products on the market today that promise to put a few bucks back into your pocket and leave you with a clean conscience.  Here we highlight some of the best products and methods that are the easiest to assimilate into everyday life.
1.       Energy-saving - Unfortunately, electricity is not getting cheaper anytime soon so incorporating a few changes into your home electricity usage can return heaps on utility bills. Replace lights with LEDs or other low voltage lighting.  A significant percentage of home electricity usage comes from devices running on standby so install timers which automatically turn off devices when not in use. 
2.       Sustainable and safe materials-  Choose  materials that are safer for the environment and the user.  These could include bamboo serving bowls or silicone utensils for in the kitchen to natural soy-based candles for anywhere in the home.   Natural cleaning and laundry liquids are safer and often aren’t too much more expensive than traditional chemical-based cleaners.
3.       Recycling and composting- Sure many of us know how to separate our metal, glass and plastic into the appropriate bins.   However, many ignore or are na├»ve of the benefits of discarded food.  Composting bins like the ones produced by the company Bokashi turn food waste into nutrient-rich material to  feed your home garden.
4.       Water-saving devices- Water is a precious resource and in some places, an expensive one.   Turn water off when not in use and replace old showerheads and taps with high-efficiency models to trim your water bill.
5.       Get the family involved- Finally, the key to achieving an eco-friendly home is getting the whole family on board.  Make “being green” fun for your kids with eco-friendly products that engage and educate like the range of kits from Green Science.  Encourage and reward children in incorporating green practices around the house and keep sustainability alive for generations to come.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Portable BBQ: Outdoor Living On the Go

Nothing says 'Outdoor Living' like a barbeque.  Whether you're Camping in the outback with some Hand Powered Products or  Composting in the backyard, charring a sausage or veggie patty within an inch of its life just makes the experience that much better.
If you're in the market for a new, lightweight coal grill to take to your local park or patio, check out the Notebook Stainless Grill.  It's a perfect excuse to gather your family and friends for a feast.
Mother's Day is right around the corner, so why not treat Mum to some outdoor dining? Perhaps a twilight snack lit up with fairy lights?
While you're grilling, you could try relaxing in a hammock. Here's a do-it-yourself guide using only a sheet or curtain and some rope.
You could even try out a few new recipes for Mum. Just have a gander at these delicious treats. Grilled octopus perhaps?
Or for that perfect BBQ corn on the cob- preheat the grill and brush the corn with olive oil. Cook for ten minutes, turning frequently, until golden brown. Then season with salt and pepper. It's that simple!
Happy grilling,

Monday, 30 April 2012

Clever Gifts: Eco Products That'll Light Your Fire

We love giving Eco Friendly Products as gifts, especially if those same gifts have a card included! What Eco Product could we possibly be talking about? None other than Todae's Candle CardOoh, atmospheric!

Make your own candle with the sheet of beeswax and cotton wick provided. Just pop the cotton wick in the middle and roll up the beeswax to create a long-burning night light. Check out Todae's Eco Store for these, other gifts and Energy Saving Products.

Need some creative decorating ideas for your new creation?

Twilight picnic? A bottle of wine, a couple of candles and a view - what more could you want?

Romantic nook? Add a few candles to your bedside table and paper lanterns for extra ambience.

Outdoor cinema? Next summer, string up an old white sheet, borrow a projector, grab some cushions, add candlelight - DIY moonlight cinema!

Candlelit garden? Simply line the outside of an empty jam jar with coloured crepe paper and drop a tea-light in. Repeat several (hundred) times and let the festivities begin!

Enjoy, friends!


Monday, 16 April 2012

Homewares with Hmph: How to Give Your Kitchen Some Heat

Homewares don't have to be hum-drum. There are many clever ways to make your kitchen that bit more inviting and exciting.
Ever thought of having a few framed photographs? We're inspired by this little nook and its gallery-like feel:
Do you have a counter that could double as a breakfast bar? Think about adding a few stools. Take a wander down to your local op shop or antique store and pick up some Furniture. Maybe something like this:
But if you're feeling extra crafty, you could even re-use a wooden crate or make your own chair from scratch. Ana White has your step-by-step guide to making a modern bar stool:
Is a vintage Kelvinator in the budget? Or could you just jazz up your fridge by converting it into a giant chalkboard? Pretty wow, right?
Now, here's a Homeware with fighting spirit that won't cost the earth - Ninja Star Magnets by Outliving. For this and other homely treats, check out Todae's Homewares Online.
Wishing you many kitchen adventures,

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Neoflam Cookware

Neoflam's slogan really sums up its mission – ‘cookware for healthy living’. The Neoflam brand is an international kitchenware company focused on innovations in technology combined with contemporary design to create top-of-the-line products. Neoflam’s flagship products include die-cast aluminium cookware with ceramic-based Ecolon non-stick coating, vacuum-storage food containers, and cutting boards and knives infused with antimicrobial Microban technology, as well as bamboo cutting boards with natural antimicrobial properties. 

Beginning in Korea in 1991, the Neoflam brand has become a multinational company, establishing itself in the US in 2001 and achieving growth through distribution by online stores and home shopping networks. What sets the Neoflam range apart is its focus on environmentally-friendly technology and manufacturing: its die-cast aluminium cookware provides greater heat conductivity and contains none of the harmful toxins that can be present in traditional cookware with PTFE-based non-stick coating. Neoflam’s bold design sensibility and innovative technology makes a perfect addition to your home or a thoughtful Earth-friendly gift.

Silicone Zone

Introudcing Silicone Zone, pioneers in the natural benefits of silicone!

Silicone Zone is a brand that embodies innovation, quality and value. Their goal is to infuse homeware and kitchenware with art, making your experience with everyday products enjoyable as well as efficient. Aesthetic value does not impede on functionality in the Silicone Zone brand, where revolutionary technology is constantly being sourced and integrated into products designed for quality cooking and baking, as well as kitchen tools and accessories. Silicone Zone’s products exude excellence, and are renowned winners of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The basis of their success comes from their masterful craftsmanship of the material silicone, which is praised for its durability, flexibility and toxic-free qualities. Silicone is the perfect eco-friendly material for cookware, as it is a natural substance, higher in density than most petroleum based plastics and can withstand extremely high temperatures. By combining these outstanding characteristics with the delightful and energetic designers at Silicone Zone, your kitchen can now be transformed into modern, futuristic, yet professional workplace.

Until next time