Monday, 30 April 2012

Clever Gifts: Eco Products That'll Light Your Fire

We love giving Eco Friendly Products as gifts, especially if those same gifts have a card included! What Eco Product could we possibly be talking about? None other than Todae's Candle CardOoh, atmospheric!

Make your own candle with the sheet of beeswax and cotton wick provided. Just pop the cotton wick in the middle and roll up the beeswax to create a long-burning night light. Check out Todae's Eco Store for these, other gifts and Energy Saving Products.

Need some creative decorating ideas for your new creation?

Twilight picnic? A bottle of wine, a couple of candles and a view - what more could you want?

Romantic nook? Add a few candles to your bedside table and paper lanterns for extra ambience.

Outdoor cinema? Next summer, string up an old white sheet, borrow a projector, grab some cushions, add candlelight - DIY moonlight cinema!

Candlelit garden? Simply line the outside of an empty jam jar with coloured crepe paper and drop a tea-light in. Repeat several (hundred) times and let the festivities begin!

Enjoy, friends!


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