Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Non-Polluting Picnics: Eco Products for Parties

Autumn is upon us. So with the last vestiges of warmth threatening to flee, let's take advantage of the sunshine and picnic!  But with picnics come waste and we want to  know which Eco Products can help us minimise our environmental impact.

Plastic plates and cutlery may be convenient, but being non-biodegradable means added waste to landfill.  So we've had our eye on some more Eco Friendly Products like Bioplates Large and Small plates, available from Todae's Eco Store.  They're made from the frond of the Areca Nut Palm, which falls naturally from the tree, meaning no trees are cut down and it's made from completely natural materials.

Likewise, Greenwaves Biodegradable Cutlery is 100% natural.  Made from compostable cornstarch, you won't have to worry about polluting our earth for the sake of a slice of quiche.  Win! Alternatively, you could just take your old dinnerware, hope it doesn't break and hand-wash it after.  Pinterest shows us how -

* Beach picnic with some old ceramic dishes, throw pillows and a gorgeous spread. You know, just a normal Sunday afternoon.

* Picnic with a chandelier. Hope those light bulbs are Energy Saving!

* Car bonnet picnic. More proof that not all picnics need to take place on a grassy  knoll.

Wishing you fun in the sun,


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