Thursday, 12 April 2012

Silicone Zone

Introudcing Silicone Zone, pioneers in the natural benefits of silicone!

Silicone Zone is a brand that embodies innovation, quality and value. Their goal is to infuse homeware and kitchenware with art, making your experience with everyday products enjoyable as well as efficient. Aesthetic value does not impede on functionality in the Silicone Zone brand, where revolutionary technology is constantly being sourced and integrated into products designed for quality cooking and baking, as well as kitchen tools and accessories. Silicone Zone’s products exude excellence, and are renowned winners of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The basis of their success comes from their masterful craftsmanship of the material silicone, which is praised for its durability, flexibility and toxic-free qualities. Silicone is the perfect eco-friendly material for cookware, as it is a natural substance, higher in density than most petroleum based plastics and can withstand extremely high temperatures. By combining these outstanding characteristics with the delightful and energetic designers at Silicone Zone, your kitchen can now be transformed into modern, futuristic, yet professional workplace.

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