Monday, 7 May 2012

Tips for a Greener Home

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to make life a little greener ?  Was another to save money?  Well, the good news is that there are thousands of home eco-friendly products on the market today that promise to put a few bucks back into your pocket and leave you with a clean conscience.  Here we highlight some of the best products and methods that are the easiest to assimilate into everyday life.
1.       Energy-saving - Unfortunately, electricity is not getting cheaper anytime soon so incorporating a few changes into your home electricity usage can return heaps on utility bills. Replace lights with LEDs or other low voltage lighting.  A significant percentage of home electricity usage comes from devices running on standby so install timers which automatically turn off devices when not in use. 
2.       Sustainable and safe materials-  Choose  materials that are safer for the environment and the user.  These could include bamboo serving bowls or silicone utensils for in the kitchen to natural soy-based candles for anywhere in the home.   Natural cleaning and laundry liquids are safer and often aren’t too much more expensive than traditional chemical-based cleaners.
3.       Recycling and composting- Sure many of us know how to separate our metal, glass and plastic into the appropriate bins.   However, many ignore or are naïve of the benefits of discarded food.  Composting bins like the ones produced by the company Bokashi turn food waste into nutrient-rich material to  feed your home garden.
4.       Water-saving devices- Water is a precious resource and in some places, an expensive one.   Turn water off when not in use and replace old showerheads and taps with high-efficiency models to trim your water bill.
5.       Get the family involved- Finally, the key to achieving an eco-friendly home is getting the whole family on board.  Make “being green” fun for your kids with eco-friendly products that engage and educate like the range of kits from Green Science.  Encourage and reward children in incorporating green practices around the house and keep sustainability alive for generations to come.

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