Monday, 14 May 2012

Soviet-Inspired Homewares: Goods from Mother Russia

There's something Russian in the air because everywhere we look we're seeing Soviet Homewares...or more specifically, babushka-related fun. 

One Homeware in particular that's stolen our heart  is the Drink Up Babushka Carafe by Fred ( This hand-blown glass carafe holds 750mL and is the perfect little friend for your fridge. Click here for this and more of Todae's Homewares Online.

You'll even find Soviet chic on the runway with Alice McCall's latest Spring/Summer collection. It's all floral embroidery, braided hair and severe stares. Take a gander at some of the delights from her collection aptly titled 'Babooshka': click
Still not enough Ruski for you? How about some Soviet propaganda posters to liven your walls? A bit of gold on your ceilings and Furniture a la Tsarskoe Selo? 
For pre-Soviet palatial inspiration, Tsarskoe Selo in St Petersburg, Russia is your go-to. The Summer residence of the Romanov tsars, it is one of the most opulent imperial estates with 300 hectares of grand architecture, parks and ponds to see. If you've got a few (million) coins spare, get inspired!
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