Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Squeaky Eco Clean

Now, we all know there is nothing more filthy than snaking a drain and discovering the grime and muck gathered over the months previous. However, it is moments like this that remind you of the various items which find their way down the drain (or don’t, as the case may be!).

I was considering this recently when thinking through the large array of cleaning products I own, and to tell you the truth I was pretty ashamed to think of all of those chemicals finding their way down my kitchen sink.

But it’s also scary to consider what the affect of those chemicals is having on my housemates and I. We clean our kitchen and bathroom with these products, our plates and cups, as well as our toothbrushes, all come in contact with these chemicals.

In looking into chemical free, eco friendly products, I found a range at Todae’s online store. I really couldn’t go past the Abode Natural Surface Spray. A home cleaner made from natural and non- genetically modified ingredients, it’s designed to cut through grease and grime without using those nasty aforementioned chemicals. 

And, it comes in lavender! So now I can clean with an eco friendly product which makes my house smell like the great outdoors- what could be better?

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