Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Saving Sustainable Showers

           There’s nothing like the beating of beads of water down your back at the end of a hard day of work. Washing the city grime out of your hair after a sticky commute home is the sigh of relief many understand. If you’re anything like me, you could spend hours thinking, singing, whistling and humming your way through gallons of water.
            However, when you consider that an average family of four uses 1,182 litres of water every day, it can make you wonder how much of that water usage could have been prevented.
            It could be as simple as installing an eco friendly product such as the X Stream Water Saving Shower Head. This shower head uses less water and provides you with a more satisfying shower. Regardless of the pressure used, the shower head transitions smoothly from different levels of pressure, using a gravity- based free flowing drop. This is where the internal spring expands and contracts automatically, based on the velocity and pressure of the water.
            If the comfort of an evenly pressured shower isn’t enough incentive to chase after this great find, it’s important to note that the X Stream Water Saving Shower Head can save the average family up to $700 per year. So what we have is a product encouraging us towards sustainable living, using less water in a more therapeutic way- as well as reducing costs. Next time you pop in the shower for some alone time, consider installing the X Stream Water Saving Shower Head and the savings that are to be made.

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