Sunday, 14 August 2011

Environmentally friendly herbs and spices

Do you, like many city-dwellers, live in an apartment with a  backyard full of cement stifling your green thumb? Recently a friend in this situation performed the wondrous deed of putting together a small herb garden, using Matchstick Garden. She said the idea came when she wanted something to compliment her spontaneously cooked meals. Often on those nights she doesn’t feel like popping out to the shops for the simple acquisition of a bit of parsley or basil.
The result? Beautiful garnishes to her Spaghetti Bolognese, rosemary to sprinkle on her roasted vegies and a bit of basil for this and that.

My friend would be the first to admit she hasn’t been the most conscientious when it’s come to planting vegetation in the past. However, she says the addition to her tiny Newtown flat has been worthwhile, with housemates soaking up all the joys the abundance of flavours brings. And how eco-friendly is this endeavor! Along with the elimination of petrol used to purchase any herbs used, you will also be doing without the plastic which bought herbs are placed in.

Once you’ve planted and nourished your herb garden I’m sure there will be no going back. I’m going to do it, many city-dwelling herbers are already ‘herbing’ along. 
So why not try is for yourself and grow your own herbs at home?

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