Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Colourful Bamboo Bowls

In the past few years I’ve been to over fifteen weddings- three quarters of which I attended the reception. Now, this might have something to do with being at an age where every man and his dog are marrying up, but one thing it’s caused me to do is get creative with wedding gifts.
            A common theme to wedding registries is homewares. Anything from pots, to plates, to salad bowls and tea towels, what is guaranteed is the full kitchen of Mr. and Mrs when they return from their honeymoon.
            But why not make it interesting? There are some amazing finds at Todae’s online eco store. My favourites include the vibrant Bambu Coconut Bowls and the Bambu Coiled Bamboo Mini Me Bowls. These colourful additions to one’s table layout is sure to bring smiles to the faces of guests.
            The Bambu Coconut Bowls are perfect for serving soups and salads, and the Bambu Coiled Bamboo Mini Me Bowl are just what you need for ice cream or hot soup. As well as being ideal for kids and toddlers (being shatterproof when things get a little hairy), it’s great to know that these gifts for your friends (or your own home) are naturally made from natural and renewable strips of bamboo and coconut shells. Both bowls are coated in a food-safe, waterproof natural lacquer, making them durable. So remember to brighten up your table with these naturally made colourful bowls.

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