Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Time to consider a paper watch?

I don’t know about you, but I love those gifts with a difference. Those gifts that demonstrate thought, gifts that are a little kooky, a little bit fun. I also love to get creative, to draw, paint and decorate different things that come my way.
            So you can imagine my glee in discovering the Paper Watch in Todae’s online eco store. At $19.95 this is certainly a watch with a difference. It can be decorated, coloured, stenciled, painted, the sky is the limit on this blank canvas of a watch. You could buy one for yourself and a friend, you could customize them together, or give it custom- made for that special someone.
            It’s also good to know that the watch is made from tear- resistant paper- style material (Tyvek) with a built-in digital watch. What I love about finding the funky range of things by Todae, is that you’re guaranteed that they are eco- friendly. We can purchase these products knowing that they have been produced in a way that hasn’t damaged this beautiful world we live in.
            It’s these sorts of presents that make you so aware that someone’s cares for you, enough to put thought into creating a gift that will make you smile.

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