Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Organic Recipes for your Bub

It’s so satisfying to cook an entire meal, particularly if it’s a nutritious one. And how much more satisfying is it when you know that all the ingredients used are organic! It’s a nice idea isn’t it?
            However, if you’re anything like me, exciting new meals can soon turn into ‘day of the week’ meals, and a routine ends up being established and creativity diminished. If you’re anything like me, you forget about the importance of organic food and go for the produce closest to you at the time.
            I suppose that’s one thing, when looking after yourself, but when you have a baby to consider, it makes sense to think carefully about the food you feed them.
            The Baby & Toddler Organic Cookbook is full of recipes that are easy and natural. And for busy mums and dads, it’s important to note that they quick meals, whilst still be tasty and nutritious.
            The book gives helpful explanations about what is organic and why it is important. The recipes are divided up into age groups, from 4-7 months to preschool. What’s more, it contains great information about health issues, nutrition, pregnancy and breastfeeding, vegetarian babies and children and a seasonal produce guide.

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