Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Take away, take a coffee cup!

I have a take away coffee nearly every morning. I really love the taste of coffee, but I know that part of the enjoyment also comes from the routine. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, maybe you indulge in a morning tea from your favourite cafĂ©? Anyway, a couple of years ago I purchased a Hookturn Re-Useable coffee cup, after seeing the rubbish bin in our office piled high with polymer lined (code for non-recyclable) take away coffee cups. They come in different sizes – I got a medium which is 350ml.Since I enjoy using eco products, I decided to try. My main concern was that the coffee would somehow become infused with the silicone smell/flavor, but that certainly hasn’t happened. And another amazing thing about the cup is that it manages to keep the contents at a warm-drinkable temperature for at least an hour! Sometimes I buy a coffee but get distracted when I arrive at work and end up leaving it on my desk. No problems. Most take away cups end up in landfill. It takes 0.55MJ of energy to make a regular paper cup, whilst the equivalent grams of silicone uses 1.24MJ so after just 10 uses, the cup breaks even in terms of your environmental footprint. Fantastic! And they come in range of cute colours which never hurts :).

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