Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Compost your waste away

Getting rid of waste seems simple enough. Most people accept the regular and recycling bin duo underneath their sink. But perhaps you are like me, in that you daily feel that twinge of guilt when you dispose of veggie scraps, tea bags and copious amounts of other food waste in your regular bin.
        However, you may also be like me in the way that the putting together and maintaining a compost bin in your backyard seems a little out of reach and time consuming.
        Well, I was excited to come across the Bokashi Indoor Composting System in Todae's online eco store. The Bokashi bin if great for all homes, whether or not you have a garden. The range of food you can compost in the Bokashi Bin is vast, from regular veggie and fruit scraps, to uncooked meat, cheese, eggs, bread and coffee grinds, there won't be much remaining in your regular bin. You can even compost your used tissues!
        It is even simple enough for lazy or intimidated folk like myself. You put your waste into the Bokashi Bucket, sprinkle it with Bokashi Mix and this combination of wheat, bran and Effective Micro- Organisms will ferment the waste in the Bokashi Bucket and quicken the breakdown in the soil. The nutrients are saved during the fermentation, and what you are left with is a great renewable resource for your garden.
        What is more, the Bokashi Indoor Composting System is now reduced to $69.90, such a small price to pay for easy, eco friendly living.

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