Monday, 26 March 2012

Eco Friendly Friends

Megan: Oh crap, my annoyingly eco-friendly friend, Julie, has come to the rescue right before I can take a bite out of this delicious-looking meat pie. Good thing she’s here, I was just about to enjoy myself… Maybe if I walk fast enough I can turn the corner before she looks up from her phone and sees me. Oh wait, I’m sorry, I mean her recycled timber-covered iphone. Give me a break for once. Actually, it looks kind of cool… Okay, here goes… Don’t look at me, don’t look at me, don’t loo--

Julie: Megan!

Megan: Dammit. Julie! Hey…

Julie: Oh my god, Megan, I’m so glad I bumped into you.

Megan: Oh, well, I’d say the same but—

Julie: Don’t even waste your breath, you look exhausted. Feeling’s mutual, I’m sure! Anyway, the reason I’m so glad is because I have something I’ve been meaning to give you! You mentioned you were having trouble drying your clothes sufficiently?

Megan: Yeah, like, ages ago. I’m surprised you remember.

Julie: Well, I have something for you that might help. Eco dryer balls!!

Megan: Oh, here we go.

Julie: They’re these two balls that you put in your machine to soften/dry your laundry – and without any chemicals. They’re so much faster than the softeners that use electricity, and they’re so much cheaper. But for you it’s for free, because I already bought it.    

Megan: Gosh, Julie. Thanks, this is actually great… Where did you find it?

Julie: This Australian online store called todae. I found the store at Hey, I actually bought this iphone case from todae!

Megan: Oh yeah? I was just admiring it. Well, thanks so much for your help. Dammit, I hate it when she’s right AND tasteful.  

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