Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Kitchenware: Not So Fantastic in Plastic

Ever wondered the best way to get the necessary items for your kitchen without treating it to an overdose on plastic?  If you’re like me, and you’ve suddenly become increasingly aware of the effect simple ordinary kitchenware has on your own backyard then it might help to know that there are easy alternatives.

First, though, if you’re wondering ‘wait a second, what affect does a simple glad wrapped sandwich have on the environment?’ Your basic kitchenware items like glad wrap or sandwich bags are not biodegradable, and contain highly dangerous chemicals that seep out whilst in the rubbish tip.  Enter: the biodegradable garbage bag! Something as simple as switching your garbage bags to ones that will easily, and naturally break down in the environment later on will make a HUGE difference to the amount plastic you’re wasting. Think about it, how often do you change your garbage bag a week? Well, if it’s two times a week you’re saving more than 96 bags of unnecessary waste a year! Another brilliant alternative is stainless steel Tupperware. Stainless steel Tupperware is an easy alternative to traditional plastic Tupperware. Not only do you instantly have a microwaveable safe container to whip out of the fridge, and use, but you’re also significantly cutting down on your plastic waste. If you’re thinking, well, I can’t exactly pick up biodegradable garbage bags at my local store. Yeah, you’re right, but there is a huge variety of eco friendly products online. The best way to get a hold of these is to look at kitchenware online. The best, and most innovative green items, I find, can be found via kitchenware direct sites.

- Jemma


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