Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bamboo Homewares - are you in touch with your inner panda?

At, we love our Homewares and our planet. We've had our eye on the Bamboo Bath Towels ever since we discovered what a eco-friendly resource we have in bamboo. 

Not only does it leave cotton in the dust with its silky feel and hypoallergenic qualities, bamboo thrives without chemical pesticides and is completely bio-degradable.

As if it that wasn't enough, this clever little evergreen manages to grow all year round at a super speedy rate. Plus it doesn't need much water, which is perfect for our Aussie climate.  No need for replanting - after the stalks are cut off, the plant continues growing and is ready again for harvest in three to four short years.

The pandas may be onto something. Sure, you may not want to eat 9 - 20 kilos of bamboo a day, but you can enjoy it in your towels and Furniture.  For more, handy creations, check out our range of HomewaresOnline.

And if all this bamboo talk has got you pondering pandas, learn more about them and see what conservation efforts World Wildlife Fund are making by clicking here.

Hope you're having a pand-tastic (ugh...sorry) day,


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