Sunday, 3 July 2011

Get down to earth

A great way to start making an effort to be greener is to start an organic garden.  This can be as big or small a project as you like and a big plus is you get the pleasure of watching your efforts flourish before your eyes!  One of the best places to start making an effort to be greener is in your own backyard, quite literally, and reconnecting with the earth can be a very rewarding feeling.
If you have a decent sized backyard, you can start to plant some trees.  The value of planting new trees can never be underestimated, trees are the lungs of the earth, they put more Oxygen into the atmosphere and remove Carbon Dioxide.  They preserve water in the soil and atmosphere and provide natural habitat for many different types of native wildlife.
Not everyone has access to a big backyard to plant trees in, but that’s ok there’s still plenty of ways you can make a difference.  Try growing organic herbs or veggies in containers on your balcony, these can be grown in small apartments, you know exactly what has gone into and onto them and when they’re fully grown you can have the satisfaction of eating your own fresh produce.
Try making your own compost, it’s a great way to recycle most kitchen scraps and produces some excellent soil which is great for your garden.  Getting a bokashi bin system in your kitchen is an even better system for composting and is really fast too.
If you do have a big garden try watering it a little less frequently or using water efficient sprinklers.  Best of all try installing a greywater or rainwater system to recycle that water and keep your garden looking great.
If you are building up your garden, try adding some native plants, many of them look great and are really hardy, they are made for our conditions!
So next time you can’t think where to start to make a difference, step outside and get down to earth. 

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