Sunday, 3 July 2011

Eating organic on a budget

Most of us know many of the benefits of eating organic food – there are more nutrients and no strange and potentially harmful additives, it generally tastes better as well as being better for the land and the farmers who grow the food.
So why doesn’t everyone eat organic all the time then?  Basically, because it’s too expensive, or at least that’s how it’s perceived.  It’s true if you just walk into your local supermarket and compare organic and non organic produce generally the non organic will be cheaper, but if you look around, and know where to look, you can get some great organic food without the big price tag.
A few simple tips can help you to get better quality organic food more of the time, without paying too much.  Start off by prioritizing, think of the foods that make up the staples of your diet – produce, grains, dairy etc, these can often be picked up organically for similar price to the non organic version because of demand, however you can pay heaps for less popular things such as organic sauces or wine.
Be flexible with what you buy, look around and buy the produce that is in season.  This way you end up getting a great deal and you can be sure that what you’re buying is fresh and top quality.
Keep an eye out for local food co-ops and join up when you find one, you will have access to a whole range of great quality organic produce straight from farmers markets at the right price.  If there are no co-ops running in your local area you could even consider starting your own?
Buying in bulk can also cut down the cost of your organic food and is great for the environment too by removing the packaging involved with other food.  Give these tips a try and you will be able to source your own great quality, fresh and natural organic food at the right price in no time.

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